5 important differences between a truck accident and a car accident

Any truck injuries law firm will convey to you: Truck crash harm statements can be incredibly unique from a regular motor vehicle incident case.

When evaluating the two, you’ll detect these five important distinctions, reported Michael T. Gibson, president of Michael T. Gibson P.A. Automobile Justice Attorney, a business in Orlando.

1. There are normally a number of parties that might be held liable.

In a motor vehicle accident, it’s generally you vs . a negligent driver or a pedestrian.

In accidents with a commercial truck, you might be working with a negligent truck driver, trucking business, automobile company and/or mechanic, Gibson stated.

“Trucking situations go past, ‘Did the driver make a error in driving a truck?’” Gibson additional. “There are guidelines that govern how much [one person] can drive, how substantially relaxation time they must have, and so on. And when we get into the logs, we from time to time locate violations of people issues – for example, possibly the driver was not credentialed sufficient to be driving in the first area, or he or she was on prescription medication and shouldn’t have been driving on in the initially position. These issues can and do in some cases make a decision the total situation.”


2. Accidents from truck incidents may be additional probable to be critical or deadly.

A typical passenger car weighs about 3,000 kilos, wherever the typical truck can weigh anyplace from 10,000 to a lot more than 80,000 kilos when cargo is involved.

Vans traveling at substantial charges of pace with heavy masses can be tougher to maneuver and end.

The size discrepancy amongst a passenger car and a truck is a person explanation why accidents that final result from these crashes can be so significant, and might outcome in very long-time period suffering, disability or demise.

3. Truck incidents may perhaps be caused by operational or mechanical dangers these kinds of as blind spots or cargo shifts, rather than driver dangers.

The dimensions of a truck presents lots of operational hazards, this kind of as greater blind spots and additional problem maneuvering or breaking, Gibson mentioned.

The hauling of cargo can also current a hazard if it is unbalanced, loose, or it shifts throughout transport.

These are hazards that usual cars do not confront on these kinds of a major scale.

4. Trucking corporations may dispatch their legal workforce promptly to the scene to tackle the situation.

Most trucking organizations are completely ready at a moment’s detect to deal with a crash, Gibson claimed.

By sending out their crash investigation team at the instant a crash happens, they can assemble the evidence before you even have a likelihood to think about talking to a truck incident law firm.


They may perhaps have a truck crash lawyer of their personal out at the scene soon soon after the wreck. You want to be well prepared on your end, as properly.

5. Truck driver documents are important parts of evidence that may be conveniently falsified or ruined ahead of a declare is filed.

One of a kind to truck incidents are driver data and “black box” knowledge, which record significant facts at the time of the crash.

Some of these data, such as the driver’s time on responsibility, can effortlessly be manipulated, Gibson said.

Even even worse, after a interval of time, the truck business can legally ruin these information, removing them from the possible proof in your circumstance.

Trucks incorporate essential digital proof, which typically means dash-cam video clip.

“So if a truck driver is making an attempt to say you stopped abruptly, you can normally get that on video,” Gibson claimed.

But you may have to commit months fighting for that electronic proof. And if you have an legal professional who is not expert in obtaining some thing like this, your lawyer may well not know exactly how to go about it, Gibson claimed.


But you want to make confident you get the unique knowledge, whenever probable.

“These are products, from time to time in the study course of business, that could be wiped out in 30 days,” Gibson mentioned. “You want an lawyer who knows what they are executing. You have to ask for it early. We get out an evidence preservation letter, ask for driver logs, ask what they were hauling, as the excess weight of the truck is appropriate, request dash cam video – and if you do not know what to check with, (the company) could possibly not retain these matters.”

If you are concerned about how to tackle these variations, recall that you have the suitable to operate with a truck personal injury attorney. Just as the trucking businesses will have their legal teams, you should really level the participating in area with a truck incident law firm of your have, Gibson reported.

“The trucking sector is a hugely controlled market. There’s a big subsect of federal and state regulations distinct to trucking. If you have an attorney who isn’t common with the legal guidelines, they’re likely to skip opportunities.”


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