High Heat Gloves

Handling hot objects requires protection for the hands wrists and arms and this can be accomplished with high heat gloves. The most important part of a company’s safety procedures is the safety of its employees. High heat gloves offer protection from thermal hazards caused by extreme heat involving very hot surfaces, some chemicals, hot water, hot substances and steam.

Safety gloves are designed and made for different types and degrees of thermal protection and can reduce the risk of injury and exposure to high temperature exposure. There are a few different types of material that can be used for heat resistant gloves with Kevlar being the most common. It is also important to get a good gripping surface along with as good a dexterity glove that can be expected in a style designed to protect from high heat exposure. High heat gloves offered are designed and made with the highest quality heat resistant materials including KevlarNOMEX® palm patch for maximum protection. You would want to look at the specifications in the product descriptions to ensure you are getting what protection is required. Depending on the use and job task that is being performed a glove type should be selected that will both provide the correct amount of protection and at the same time not being overly heavy and cumbersome.

Given your situation I would use the glove configurator below as to the amount of heat that you and your worker’s will be exposed to along with the type of lining and length of the gloves. The length of the gloves is important when having to reach into a unit such as a kiln. Please note that there is maximum rating on the gloves which can be reached although it would be a good idea to move to a higher rated glove if this temperature is to be a factor on a regular basis. Kevlar gloves also provide a good degree of cut resistance if required when handling metal or other sharp materials. Like protective clothing, in order to provide adequate protection, heat resistant gloves need to be in good repair and free from flammable substances such as oils, grease and solvents.

Options:When ordering, you may order one or more of the following options in conjunction with the thumb style, base cloth, lining and glove length.

  • Wool palm patch for added protection
  • NOMEX® palm patch for maximum protection
  • Aluminized back for radiant heat protection
  • Leather palm and thumb for greater dexterity
  • Economical Goldenbest fiberglass cuff (05)
  • Abrasion resistance is rated on a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the maximum.

Glove style G51 – Straight Thumb G64 – Winged Thumb

Base cloth GL – Fiberglass (35 oz.) is ideal for high-heat, low-abrasion applications. This is one of NSA’s best values. Abrasion Resistance – 4; Maximum Temperature: 800° F. TC – Thermobest (22 oz.) is a KEVLAR® blend, offering heat and abrasion resistance. It is an ideal choices for a wide variety of applications. Thermobest is NSA’s most popular fabric. Abrasion Resistance – 7; Maximum Temperature: 800° F. come standard with an 8 oz. Kevbest™ cuff.

Application: foundries, metal industry,metal construction, heat treatment shop, etc. PB – Norbest 822 (22 oz.) is a unique PBI® / KEVLAR® blend. It can be used in temperatures over 1000° F. Abrasion Resistance – 6; Maximum Temperature: 1300° F. come standard with an 8 oz. Kevbest™ cuff.

Application: metal industry, glass industry, foundries, etc. PC – Norbest 845 (45 oz.) is the heaviest PBI® / KEVLAR® blend available. It can be used in extremely high temperatures and offers high durability. Abrasion Resistance – 8; Maximum Temperature: 2000° F. come standard with an 8 oz. Kevbest™ cuff. KV – Kevbest (8 oz.) is made of 100% KEVLAR® for superior cut and abrasion resistance. Abrasion Resistance – 9; Maximum Temperature: 650° F. come standard with an 8 oz. Kevbest™ cuff. KX – Kevlar® Armor Technology glove provides heat protection as well as outstanding cut protection wtih superior dexterity

Lining XX – No lining LC – 12 oz cotton palm, offering excellent comfort for lower-heat applications VB. – 12 oz. wool, offering good heat protection RV – 12 oz. reversed wool (reversed for comfort) VH – 15 oz. wool, offering superior heat protection RH – 15 oz. reversed wool (reversed for comfort) NL – 9 oz NOMEX® felt, offering maximum heat protection Length 14 = 14 inches 18 = 18 inches Other lining lengths and options available upon request

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