How Much Does Tesla Maintenance Cost? (2020)


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Teslas are complex cars with many more high-tech parts than standard vehicles. How does this affect the average annual Tesla maintenance cost?

In this article, we’ll discuss Tesla maintenance costs, the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule and how to further protect your electric vehicle with an extended warranty.

Our review team has researched the best extended car warranty companies in the industry, and not many of them service Tesla vehicles. However, one of our highest-rated providers, CarShield, offers protection for multiple Tesla models. To see how much a CarShield warranty could save you on Tesla maintenance, click below for a free quote.


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Average Annual Tesla Maintenance Cost

Because they’re not especially common vehicles, there’s not much information available online regarding Tesla maintenance costs. Based on data collected from forums and blogs, we estimate that Teslas cost around $300 annually to maintain. However, costs may vary based on your Tesla’s model, mileage, and age.

The low cost may be surprising to some, but Teslas have fewer parts to care for overall. There’s no need for oil changes, spark plug replacements or other standard-vehicle maintenance services. The Tesla factory warranty protects the vehicle’s battery, which drives maintenance prices down further. 

Here’s a breakdown of Tesla maintenance costs we were able to find:



Tesla Recommended Maintenance Schedule

Tesla’s recommended maintenance schedule is more flexible than that of typical gas cars. There’s no annual maintenance requirement, and according to the manufacturer, most services will only be needed every two to four years.

Here’s an overview of the recommended maintenance schedule for Tesla cars:

Tesla Maintenance Service Maintenance Service Interval
Cabin air filter replacement Every 2 years
High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter replacement Every 3 years
Tire rotation, balance and wheel alignment Every 6,250 miles
Brake fluid test Every 2 years, and replace as needed
Air conditioning service Every 2 years for Model S,
every 4 years for Model X and Model Y,
and every 6 years for Model 3
Winter care for brake calipers Every 12 months/12,500 miles in cold climates


Tesla maintenance appointments can be scheduled through the manufacturer’s app. Tesla vehicles also notify owners when they need service. All maintenance services should be performed at a Tesla service center. Services done elsewhere can void a vehicle’s warranty coverage.



How Vehicle Repairs Influence the Tesla Maintenance Cost

The Tesla maintenance cost doesn’t just include routine services. Mechanical repairs also factor into the annual cost of Tesla ownership. As with maintenance services, there is not much reliable information available on Tesla repair costs. 

Because Teslas have such complex operating systems and many unique parts, one would think they’d may be more expensive to fix than standard vehicles. But, according to, electric cars “cost $330 less than a gas-powered car” in repair and maintenance costs. This is because they have fewer moving parts and may need repairs less frequently. 

However, when considering repair costs, you should also take into account the fact that Teslas are luxury vehicles. While electric vehicles are less expensive to repair than standard vehicles, luxury vehicles are often more expensive to fix because of their high-quality parts and components, as well as their need for originally manufactured parts to maintain peak performance.



Extended Warranties and Tesla Maintenance Costs

If your Tesla warranty has expired, unforeseen mechanical breakdowns can significantly raise your Tesla maintenance cost. An extended warranty provides additional protection against faulty parts or workmanship after the factory warranty expires. It also keeps you from paying for repair costs outright.

To purchase an extended warranty, Tesla owners have two options: the Tesla extended warranty from the dealer or a third-party vehicle service contract.


Tesla Extended Warranty

Tesla’s Extended Service Agreements are only available for Model S and Model X cars. For Model 3 and Model Y owners, a third-party provider is the only available option for extended coverage if you can find a provider that will cover the vehicles.

The Tesla extended warranty can last either 2 years/25,000 miles or 4 years/50,000 miles. The coverage includes defects in parts and workmanship, but it does not cover the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery or drive unit, as those components come with their own separate warranty.


Third-Party Tesla Extended Warranty

Not all reputable extended car warranty companies offer coverage for Teslas, but the ones that do can give drivers more flexibility than the manufacturer’s plan. Third-party providers offer additional coverage options and negotiable pricing, and plans often come with perks like roadside assistance, trip interruption coverage and rental car reimbursement.



Our Choice for Extended Tesla Protection

We recommend reaching out to CarShield for a quote for a Tesla extended warranty. This provider sells plans in every state in the U.S. except for California. It offers six coverage options, which can extend up to 10 years/200,000 miles. If you’d like to know more about its vehicle service agreements, you can view sample contracts online.

For more information on the provider, read our comprehensive CarShield review. You can also get a free, personalized quote below and see how much a CarShield plan may save you on your annual Tesla maintenance cost.


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Affordable plans with great perks, such as roadside assistance

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