Name All the Stupid Decisions Leading to This 1,300-HP Vintage Car Crash

Russ Stover set 23 many years and more than $200,000 worthy of of work into his 1964 Mercury Comet. That included customized system operate, a reduced suspension, and plenty of other one-off goodies. More importantly, a 632-cubic-inch, supercharged big-block Chevy motor that produces 1,300 horsepower. However, the very last time he upgraded the brakes was 17 years in the past. So when he took Shawn Davis, from the AutotopiaLA YouTube channel out for a cruise to snag some footage, points went about as perfectly as you could have anticipated: they crashed into the back of an innocent minivan.

At just one stage through their generate, Stover turned to Davis and reported that the motor was idling a little bit higher, about 2,200 rpm. In a Honda Civic with 150 horsepower, idling at 2,200 rpm is almost certainly really harmful and it really should in all probability be taken off the street. In a 1,300-horsepower monster, idling at 2,200 rpm is a big challenge. They should really have pulled above and shut it off on the spot—especially after the duo discussed the scent of burning brakes. Davis’ suspicions were correct, as Stover said he’d been using the brakes just to retain it at a realistic tempo though in targeted traffic. 

It doesn’t just take a diploma in engineering to comprehend why riding almost two-10 years previous, undersized brakes in excess of many miles to continuously sluggish a 1,300 horsepower auto is negative. Brake fluid, primarily aged brake fluid which is been sitting in similarly previous brake lines, can boil. And when it does, you shed your brakes. This is what happened to Stover and Davis, as the Comet missing its brakes at close to 45-50 mph. Even worse of all, it transpired as they approached other vehicles stopped at a crimson mild.

Just looking at the video clip designed me clench.

Soon after shedding your brakes, the to start with intuition is typically to achieve for the hand brake. Except Stover’s Mercury didn’t have a person. Instead, he experienced to put it in neutral and consider to locate an outlet, without the need of hitting anyone else. Except each and every lane was blocked. Sooner or later, they braced for impression and rear-finished a Honda Odyssey. 

The injury was rather surprising. Irrespective of the Mercury getting four-place harnesses, both equally driver and passenger had opted to use lap belts instead, which led to Davis hitting his confront on the steel dashboard and Stover breaking his elbow. Regretably, the movie does not say what transpired to the travellers of the Odyssey. Thankfully, it appears to be like all people was typically okay, with no existence-threatening injuries. Both equally are reportedly healing up perfectly and very likely will not endure any lengthy-time period effects. 

On the other hand, enable this crash be a lesson in prioritizing brakes and basic safety gear. When you have a car with Bugatti Veyron-concentrations of electric power, you simply cannot have old brakes and fluid. Also, place in a mechanical handbrake, even if it doesn’t look cool. The skill to yank a handbrake when issues go completely wrong could be a lifesaver.