Triumph TE-1 prototype: up-close with one-off performance concept

“The shape of the battery has to be this sort of that you can lean the bicycle to a acceptable angle, so within the battery are eight modules and they are slightly distinctive sizes to in good shape into the motorcycle, get the centre of gravity in the suitable location and stay away from the battery pack going into the ground airplane when the bike is leaned in excess of.”

“We’ve acquired a lot about executing simulation operate on the general performance of EVs and finding that stability amongst battery dimension, motor dimensions and overall performance,” Sargent carries on.

“Heat administration has been definitely important to maintain performance and array. “There are two individual cooling circuits, just one for the battery with two person radiators, two fans and a coolant pump and there’s a separate cooling circuit for the motor and inverter with its possess separate radiator.” 

Otherwise, Williams was in common territory with the lithium ion battery chemistry which is nickel manganese cobalt (NMC), as employed in its Formula E batteries and which is also well-liked with producers of nearly anything from from energy applications to powertrains. The 8 modules are designed up using Samsung 2170 cylindrical cells, every single just one resembling an overgrown AA battery. The power pack is a pressured member of the motorbike construction, the goal staying to provide the stiffness of the chassis shut to that of the Velocity Triple.